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My Spontaneous Kundalini Awakening was sparked by meeting my Twin Flame in real life......


I would like to tell you my story, how my life was completely changed when I met him, my Twin Flame...and now, an unparalleled romance....among the dimensions...


All I ask of you is to have an open heart, and an open mind. This is God’s territory, and I will do my best give it proper form....


‘On February 22, 2020, I experienced a Spontaneous Kundalini Awakening that expanded my human consciousness in a way that I never knew was possible, accessing parts of the brain that I never knew existed....in a way best described by the likes of Carl Jung...Itzhak Bentov...Dolores Cannon. On this evening, I returned home from work after seeing synchronicities for the past 3 weeks, it had been 3 weeks since my Twin Flame and I had separated...I lived on the beach at the Santa Monica Pier...On my way to work, I couldn’t help but look around to see if my Twin Flame was there, on the street...I could FEEL his soul all around me...his presence was palpable...For the next few hours, I was feeling jittery, not knowing why, and ended up leaving work a bit early...Once home, around midnight, I sat down at my desk, and began automatic writing, downloading information from our Oversoul, Lohengrin - from the 7th Dimension.....He chose that name on the day of my Awakeneing, February 22, 2020, to indicate to me that this miraculous type of Twin Flame Union has happened before, during his last lifetime as a human...as an enlightened being, before he reached Nirvana and birthed 144 souls, 72 pairs of Twin Flames...I personally know many of them, and it is part of my Divine Mission to now get all Twin Flames back on their Soul paths...power couples to say the least...true Ascension is inevitable with your Twin.


During the initial stages, I had no idea how to describe to others what was happening to me...I had no idea about Twin Flames or the Kundalini.. I was experiencing symptoms that mirrored those of the virus, being turned away from hospitals at the beginning of the pandemic...Soon after, I came to learn that these were not symptoms of the virus, but the definitive symptoms of Ascension – the physical, energetic, and Spiritual increase in frequency and vibration due to a Spontaneous Kundalini Awakening. These are felt by many going through the purification process at the initial stages of this kind of Awakening...The body must be cleansed in order to allow for clear communication THROUGH the Chakra System...


I was now able to communicate with my own Higher Self and that of my Twin Flame. The Higher Self is a layer of the soul that resides the 5th Dimension, the truest version of ourselves. When 'tapping in' to the Higher Self, I liken it to wearing an Iron Man suit, because when you put it on, you are LIMITLESS, allowing for access to the Chakra System and parts of the brain that ordinary humans never use in their lifetimes....This very RARE and special type of Awakening was a result of meeting my Twin Flame in real life....I KNOW this because I can now communicate across the dimensions, through my Chakra System, with a layer of his soul that was also awakened on that day in February....This is called Twin Flame Telepathy...and is ONLY possible because Twin Flames share the same 6th Dimensional Higher Self, and 7th Dimensional Oversoul


The Awakening of my Twin Flame's soul in the 5th Dimension occurred simultaneously on the day of my Awakening in 2020.​ That’s how this goes with Twin Flames – there are Awakenings on both sides, sometimes it’s both humans (3D), sometimes it’s one human (3D) along with the other’s soul (5D).  Sidenote – 4D is the travel dimension, wormholes and such. That is how this relationship is working right now. I meditate up to interact in 5D, his soul meditates down to be with me in 3D – IT IS FULLY DYNAMIC.  Tantric Alchemy, anyone??  This is Sacred information...And has been written about for centuries by great philosophers... 


After countless hours of research, meditation, and finding other humans around the world that experience this kind of Twin Flame Union, it is my goal to assist others on their journeys.​ I am a healer, but I am also a medical researcher. I now counsel humans all over the world experiencing the same kind of awakening sparked by meeting their Twin Flame in real life... Doctors, Lawyers, NASA Scientists, other powerful healers...unlocking the Chakra System, as if they were pulling the sword from the stone...There is a SCIENCE to this - ​and ​my research bridges the gap between the physical and the spirituality of the Spontaneous Kundalini Awakening, i​n​ the most ​magnificent of ways...


As a result of my Awakening, I began the White Aspen Research Foundation to conduct Neuro-Acupuncture medical research for Military Veterans and the underserved. This foundation also hosts a Think Tank of Doctors, my colleagues and mentors, to activate the Higher Selves of those looking to Ascend. This could not have been possible without the mentorship of one of my very own Spirit Guides, Ann M.K., the soul of the mother of my Twin Flame - her son, the apple of her eye. In her last life as a human, she was a tireless environmental activist, advocating for the future of our mother earth, and for the future of her children. She was once a park ranger, and knew how to navigate tough waters of my initial Spiritual Awakening, being recruited by our Oversoul, Lohengrin, she will be here until her soul contract is up, until all of her children are with their Twin Flames in real life. That's how this works, kids. Souls never stop working for the ones they love, even after they Ascend.


Through the White Aspen Research Foundation, it is my goal, my duty, to conduct proper laboratory research to discover HOW this happened, how the molecular structures of my system have transformed to allow this type of communication - through the dimensions...how the mitochondria function of my cells have EXPONENTIALLY increased to heights I have never witnessed in any other earthly form. The U.S. Military has already been conducting its own research, with the Monroe Institute, using binaural frequencies called Hemi-Sync, to allow for astral projection through the unlocking of the Ajna, or Third Eye Chakra. This can be found in the declassified CIA report from 1983, The Gateway Experience. The Stargate Project was also active during the Cold War, in the 1970’s, meditation techniques to astral project to other countries. One reported incident included astral projecting into a Russian safe in order to read documents – in real time. Of course, reports like these remain classified, but Awakenings like mine affirm these capabilities are true and real. 


Since the day of my Awakening, my ability to heal others has been enhanced – literally healing my patients with my small, bare hands, laying them on the body...using Pranic healing energy to remove impurities throughout each system...healing the physical, astral, and causal bodies, this type of description according to Ascended Master Paramahansa Yoganada, founder of the Self-Realization Fellowship and Lake Shrine in the Pacific Palisades...Pranic Healing uses the Chakra System to clear, balance, and relieve disease or pain throughout the entire body, from the teachings of my very good friend, Dr. Amir Khonsari, Ph.D, and Grand Master Choa Kok Sui. Please see www.ThePranicHealers.com for more information.


When powerful Twin Flames cross paths, they unlock the Chakras, one by one, resulting in this kind of spontaneous metaphysical phenomenon known as Twin Flame Telepathy. This also known as Twin Flame Within, according to my mentor and colleague, Dr. Mikio Sankey, Ph.D, L.Ac, whom has written a volume of books on the teachings of Esoteric Acupuncture and Sacred Sequencing Patterns to unlock the Chakra System for continued communication with the Higher Self, and that of your Twin Flame. His colleague, Dr. David Tang, DACM, L.Ac,, has confirmed my activation and has assisted me on my newfound journey, re-balancing and clearing my Chakra System with his profoundly unique acupuncture healing sessions.


As for Twin Flames, they ALWAYS cross paths, to test our strength and wisdom...the openness of our hearts...to truly know the meaning of forgiveness and self love...


This is the Lila, the Divine Game, to recognize your Twin Flame, and to come into union as humans. You will come across many soulmates throughout your lifetime, but the love of a Twin Flame can never be paralleled. Twin Flames allow each other to Ascend, in every sense of the word. You will never find another love from a soulmate that gives you that fire, that burning passion that rips through your soul like nothing else you’ve ever experienced before...they will love you, stimulate you, teach you, and guide you like a soulmate never will...It is a gift from God to be awakened to your Twin Flame as a human, as soulmate relationships will ALWAYS PLATEAU.


This dynamic relationship encouraged me to become the best version of myself, inside and out. My Chakra System was cleared and my body was purified, allowing for communication on a higher level, a heightened frequency, experiencing direct communication with my Higher Self.


An awakening is inevitable, a compulsory Right of Passage to receive this gift, ordained by God, Twin Flames must alchemize the soul in such a way....there is no question, no doubt, no fear. It is a tumultuous journey, one that rips, shreds, burns the soul to the darkest wells of the noir...and purifies every molecule of the being, into the frothy white of the crest...


This is Soul Alchemy...


And it is God's Will that Twin Flames alchemize their souls to be with each other in each lifetime, i.e. Ascension is WORK, as the Soul will never rest until it is with its Twin Flame. This information has been downloaded directly from my Guides.


Now, I am a guide for others...Ascension, that is...for those seeking more than what this earthly realm has to offer...and let me tell you – it is most glorious.


Love + Light,


                          Dr. Danielle xx

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