Acupuncture is an energy-based medicine that uses thin needles to move (pronounced ‘chi’) throughout the body to facilitate healing. can be seen as a vital life force, giving spirit to all living things. Traditional Chinese Medicine utilizes acupuncture points located along meridians, or energetic pathways, that run vertically over the body. These meridians are interconnected and allow practitioners to use local and distal points in their treatments to balance yin & yang. The free flow of brings harmony to mind, body, and spirit, and allows healing to begin on a cellular level. Acupuncture benefits both physical and emotional imbalances including pain, sleep, mood, energy, and digestion. This ancient medicine takes a holistic point of view and treats the body as an organic whole. Yin & yang imbalances can be caused by stress, pollution, poor diet, emotional upsets, or infection.

Many times, improvement in one area will begin a cascade of health benefits as the body synergistically works to achieve balance. Taoist views believe restoring balance between yin & yang strengthens the body’s resistance to pathogens as well as increasing blood flow and reducing pain. Esoteric acupuncture uses traditional acupuncture points in conjunction with the chakra system to clear blockages for vibrational alignment.

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Every person responds differently to acupuncture – some will experience immediate results while others may need a standard course of treatment to achieve their goals. Every treatment plan is customized and may include other modalities such as herbals or cupping. Your practitioner may also advise you to make specific changes to your diet, such as avoiding spicy foods or alcohol. Food is believed to either ‘heat’ or ‘cool’ the constitution, making dietary changes an important part of the healing process.