Energy Healing


Albert Einstein showed that matter and energy are interchangeable (e = mc2) with matter being the densest of states. The same would apply to the physical body relative to subtler, less dense energies surrounding, and all being of the same consciousness at different levels. The interdependence of these systems would assume that a disruption in one, whether at the physical or subtle level, would synergistically affect the system as a whole.

The chakra system comprises 7 main energy centers aligned vertically throughout the physical body. Chakra is derived from the Sanskrit word meaning ‘wheel,’ and describes these centers of energy starting from the base of the spine to the crown of the head. Each chakra corresponds to bundles of nerves and major organs as well as psychological, emotional, and spiritual states of being. This energy extends outward with increasing vibrational frequency and decreasing density. It is important to clear the charka system for optimal health and vitality.

energy healing - danielle burke

The Shakti, or kundalini energy, rises up the spine during an awakening when the chakras are cleared through events such as meditation, a near death experience, energy medicine, or, as in my case, meeting my Twin Flame in real life. The Twin Flame relationship is a dynamic one in terms of energy exchange between the two humans and can cause a spontaneous kundalini awakening. The result of a kundalini awakening leads to special gifts used by the human to aid in their divine mission, like energy healing. Reiki Masters are awakened and can use their energy to heal others without even touching the body, for example.

Ultimately, humans interact through quantum physical processes with these energetic fields that are comprised of both measurable electromagnetic energy and subtle energy, or . For over one hundred years, scientists have shown that cells and tissues generate electrical fields that can be measured on the surface of the skin. These tiny electrical currents result from a charge flow that makes life possible. In Chinese medicine, this would be considered .

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A concept in neuroscience called ‘plasticity’ refers to your brain’s ability to change. The continued practice of meditation and energy healing allows the brain to access a state of peace more easily. Below are the main frequencies on which your brain operates:

  • Delta (0-4 Hz) – deep sleep, renewal, and healing
  • Theta (4-7 Hz) – insight, intuition, and awareness
  • Alpha (7-13 Hz) – calm, relaxed alertness
  • Beta (13-40) – nervousness, irritability, anger

Gamma (Over 40 Hz) – the rarest of frequencies, regularly measured in monks practiced in the art of meditation

The brainwave activity of most humans is beta, which is the logical part of our brain dealing with grinding, thinking, and reasoning. In this state, one may feel trapped in thought with anxiety and overthinking. When our brains are in resonance with the alpha state (7-13 Hz), we are in an optimum frame of mind. The frequency of 7.83 Hz is associated with meditative, creative states, and is often recorded in shamans, healers, and even from the hands of qi gong practitioners during sessions – truly channeling universal electromagnetic energy.


Sound therapy works by using different frequencies to clear blockages in the chakra system. These frequencies of constant vibrations allow for Spirit to enter the body to facilitate healing. Indigenous societies around the world have traditionally used sound in healing ceremonies including drumming, hand-clapping, singing, dancing, and pulsating since the beginning of time. Singing bowls and tuning forks are used for deep relaxation, to improve circulation, release tension, and to eliminate toxins from the body. After sound therapy, emotions are calm and the mind is clearer.

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Gemstones have been used for thousands of years for the purpose of healing. The constant vibration of the stone allows for a continued energy transfer to the body when the intention is made during the healing process. Each stone carries a unique vibration which allows Spirit, or to enter. Energy healers use stones for a myriad of purposes including mood, grounding, protection, and healing to specific areas of the body according to the chakra system. For example, Shungite is a carbon-rich black stone that is great for absorbing negative energy, protecting the body from harmful EMF (5G), reducing inflammation, and is known for grounding, or calming, the mind, body, and soul.

gemstones - danielle burke

Citrine is another gemstone on the opposite end of the spectrum that is yellow to smokey brown in color. In terms of healing, it is an excellent stone for energizing and recharging. It is highly beneficial for degenerative disease, stimulates digestion, increased blood circulation, detoxes the blood energetically, balances hormones, fortifies the nervous system, and alleviates fatigue. This is a great stone to keep with you, on a keychain or in your bag.


Integrations of energy-based medicine have paired the subtle energy bodies of Reiki with the meridian pathways of acupuncture. Reiki is a mind-body medicine that aims to restore and re-balance the body’s energetic system by stimulating natural healing processes. With this type of therapy, the practitioner uses the palms of his/her hands to detect non-thermal imbalances in the energy field that can feel like friction or a magnetic repulsion emanating from the body against the hands of the practitioner. Tingling or heat sensations usually indicate symptomatic areas of pain. The energy field of the patient is then ‘smoothed’ out by slow sweeping motions made by the hands of the practitioner. This essentially clears out the obstructions in that area of the biofield.


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